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Change your Future by Changing the Outlook! Growth Academy is a gateway for digital enthusiasts looking for real-time knowledge sharing by industry experts from various segments of digital marketing. Join the best digital marketing institute in Kerala. As an industry leader, we impart comprehensive knowledge and expertise across every facet of digital marketing. We believe in equipping you with the confidence needed to succeed in this dynamic industry.

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A leader in the industry needs years of experience to shine bright. Growth Academy, a pioneering initiative of Viral Mafia is an idea of the experts who have expertise in every techno-aspects of digital marketing. Our experts have proven their skills by supporting a set of premium clients who are the real players in their own business domain. We hold a share of this growth by supporting them throughout their digital marketing journey. This team built our mentors in Growth Academy which makes this institute special among others. Our digital marketing institute in Calicut is open to candidates from all disciplines because we recognize that digital marketing is inclusive and accessible to everyone. Our 3-month courses are designed carefully to help you progress in learning the technology, making you an expert gradually.

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Growth Hacking

  • Growth hacking is about rapidly testing and optimizing marketing strategies for rapid business growth.
  • Viral Mafia, a prominent digital marketing agency, imparts valuable growth hacking expertise to students.
  • Growth Academy's 3-month courses in Kerala provide practical knowledge for excelling in digital marketing.
Choosing the right educational institution is a crucial step towards a successful career in digital marketing


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How can you sign up for the best digital marketing course in Kerala!

Growth Academy, an educational institution exclusively for digital marketing is from the ‘Viral Mafia’ one of the pioneering companies providing 360° digital marketing services in Kerala. The academy is known to provide the best digital marketing course in Kerala. Based in Calicut, the ultimate aim of our institution is to create specialists in this domain with technological expertise. Do you know why we take pride in being the provider of exceptional digital marketing courses in Calicut, Kerala. Growth academy is the academic wing of the Viral Mafia digital marketing agency which is having over 7 years of expertise in the field and has been supportive to the growth of numerous clients across India and abroad. Our collaboration with renowned business organizations helped us to position as one of the best in the industry experts. We adapt every new technology that can bring better ROI to our clients. This has improved our credibility in the sector.

As the most trending and prospective career, digital marketing is attracting individuals and entrepreneurs. Growth Academy was an initiative started on demand of our well-wishers. By recognising the importance of equipping everyone in this ever-evolving sector, the academy delivers an excellent training experience. We break all the traditional concepts of an academy and open to candidates to acquire real insights into the digital world. Our sessions are designed for flexible learning and stand out as the best digital marketing courses in Kerala. Our expert faculties ensure to bring out the best of you, to shine as a digital marketing specialist as you dream. We envision to groom the digital enthusiasts to be ready to rule the digital world with creative skills.

Digital Marketing career is a booming one in today’s world! Around 10 years back we were only stuck in traditional marketing and the organizations from India were not ready to accept the change and adapt digital marketing. Hence, the digital platforms were not used with a serious approach for business promotion. Now, across the world everyone has realized the potential of social media platforms that allow us to enhance our personal profile or brand visibility.

Looking for the best Digital Marketing course in Calicut?

Explore the advantage of learning from an agency based digital marketing institute:

Learning from Industry leaders

Every industry needs an online presence in today’s digital world. This raised the demand of skilled professionals to rightly utilize the power of this futuristic technology. Do you wonder how it matters studying at an agency based training institute, and not from just any training institute. The difference will be visible when you join growth academy’s digital marketing course in Calicut. When the mentors are the industry leaders who are updated with the day-to-day digital marketing trends, the learning becomes more beneficial. The real knowledge with the advanced perspective and practical expertise makes a perfect blend of our faculties. Join Growth academy, the best digital marketing institute in Calicut, and grow with a futuristic approach of being an exceptionally skilled professional!

Continuous Support

As any technology, digital marketers should possess hands-on experience and develop real-time problem solving skills. This ever-evolving technology comes up with regular updates as new developments are happening in the sector. Use of artificial intelligence and abundant tools in strategy building are compelling the digital marketing specialists to stay competitive in the sector. The industry experts will be experimenting with all the new trends and updates in their day-to-day activities which makes them updated with new information. In contrast, the other training institutes lack hands-on experiences in newer technology updations. This adaptiveness makes a digital marketing company based academies more relevant to choose. So, a learner will be benefited more by joining such an academy adapting to every technological change. Growth academy by providing the best digital marketing course in Calicut, stands out with early adaptiveness of digital trends and ensures the students are graduating with excellent skill.

Exposure to real-time projects

Have you ever wondered about how we are getting introduced to the new products and brands launching in different parts of the world! How does it reach you? That’s the power of Digital Marketing and the professional team working behind it. Renowned agencies with long term expertise in the industry are enabling businesses to get established among the audiences. With the real-time projects and case studies are a better way to communicate the technicalities of any digital marketing success secrets. To experience the activities of real-time projects, do extensive research on the best digital marketing courses in Kerala, that are owned by digital marketing agencies, before joining the program. The phases of the journey with their clients will give the students a clear picture on the realistic approach of effective digital marketing campaigns which would bring out the skilled professionals.

Scope of Internship

As a beginner in the digital marketing journey, students might not have been exposed to the strategies and trends used in this technology. This is where an internship comes useful to them. Support of adept professionals will boost the students’ confidence when entering into a new career. As part of the programme, Growth academy offers an internship to the candidates at Viral Mafia, and lets us experience the real-time digital marketing activities for the active clients. The tasks assigned during the internship will ensure practical knowledge and will be an added advantage for your further journey. As you get introduced to the practical applications of the digital marketing activities, the real-time problems may let you gain more solutions at this stage, making you a skilled professional. We offer the best digital marketing course in Kerala to create experts in this field. Our motive is to reassure and boost your capabilities that are necessary in your professional journey.

Placement opportunities

Ultimate goal of any candidate who is learning digital marketing is to get a bright career in the sector. The passion towards technology brings them in, whereas the scope motivates them to learn more and more to become an expert. This journey will become true with Growth Academy. An active placement cell and the long term association with the industry leaders help us with the placement assistance for our students. This is proven by the achievements of our alumni who are well-placed in various organizations. There is endless potential in this digital world. In comparison to the other industries, the digital marketing sector is evolving with a 40% of growth rate. This showcases the wide opportunities held open to the professionals by this industry. After graduating from Growth Academy you can explore these opportunities to make your career graph rise passionately.

The benefits of offline learning are:

  • The focussed learning environment
  • Personal attention
  • Learning from peer group
  • Networking
  • Investing more time in learning

Growth academy provide you the best digital marketing course in Kerala. While guiding you through this new career path, we also ensure to bring out the best out of you. Growth Academy Knowledge Hub, a discussion forum exclusively for students offers you continuous support spanning one year after your graduation period. This is a bonus gift for you. Making right use of this facility will help you to become an expert even after you get placed at any other organization. The on-going support will let you solve the problems that you face with real-time projects. The academy’s vision is to provide a complete insight of digital marketing and create great digital marketers to this world. Join us today, and let’s make a new world together.