Digital Marketing Training Program

Master the Art of Excellence in Digital Marketing

Program Duration - 3 Months
Intake Period - Every Month
Batch Strength - 7 Students

Program Modules

  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Basics of Website Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Client Management
  • CRM
  • SEO
  • Content Production
  • Interview Skills
  • Internship
  • Placement Assistance

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  • 1

    What is Growth Academy, and what exactly does it offer?

    We are a leading digital marketing institute in Calicut, Kerala, offering intensive 3-month courses to equip you for industry success.

  • 2

    Who can enroll in Growth Academy courses?

    Anyone, regardless of their background or prior experience, can enroll in Growth Academy courses.

  • 3

    What sets Growth Academy apart from other digital marketing institutes?

    Growth Academy, supported by Viral Mafia, features a team of real-time experts offering internships and valuable insights.

  • 4

    Can I pursue a digital marketing career without programming skills?

    Yes, programming skills are not required for a digital marketing career, and our courses are designed accordingly.

  • 5

    What topics are covered in the Growth Academy curriculum?

    The curriculum covers various digital marketing segments, including SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and PPC advertising.

  • 6

    Do you provide placement assistance after completing the course?

    Yes, we offer placement assistance to help you find digital marketing job opportunities.

  • 7

    How can I stay updated with industry trends after completing the course?

    We offer continued support, including access to online communities, networking events, and seminars.

  • 8

    Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in Growth Academy courses?

    No specific prerequisites are required; our courses are inclusive and supportive.

  • 9

    What is the duration of the courses at Growth Academy?

    Our courses are 3 months long, providing intensive digital marketing training.

  • 10

    How can I enroll in Growth Academy courses?

    You can enroll by visiting or contacting [email protected] for more information and registration details.

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